What is an Intention?

Like you, I had the same question “What exactly is an Intention?” so I started where everyone goes for a definition. I looked it up in a dictionary. Not very satisfied with the definition provided, I looked in a different dictionary. After several dictionaries, I finally found THE one. The one that jumped out at me and rang truth to my soul was in the 1828 Webster Dictionary.

INTEN'TION, noun [Latin intentio. See Intend.]
1. Primarily, a stretching or bending of the mind towards an object; hence, uncommon exertion of the intellectual faculties; closeness of application; fixedness of attention; earnestness.
Intention is when the mind, with great earnestness and of choice, fixes its view on any idea, considers it on every side, and will not be called off by the ordinary solicitation of other ideas.

After reading this, I thought, “this sounds a lot like Faith.” I then turned my focus to finding the distinction between Intention and Faith.

I discovered that they are different, but that they work hand in hand. “Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” (Hebrews 11:1) In order for any Intention to work, you must believe that it will come true. You can set an Intention or many Intentions, but they will not be fulfilled without Faith. Faith is the power that gives Intention life.

During my research, I was reminded of a scene in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indiana was up against a decision of whether to give up or take a leap of Faith and step off the cliff.

Indiana could have turned around and told everyone that it was impossible and that there was no way that he could go any further.

Have you experienced the same thing in your life?

Instead, Indiana chose to believe in the unseen, have faith and take a step. Once he took ONE step, a way or step to accomplish his feat was presented.

Just like in life, when we come up against the “impossible”, if we take ONE step - do ONE thing then the next step or the “How” of accomplishing the “impossible” will show up. Nothing is impossible when you believe, have Faith and trust.

Once I understood the distinction, I re-read the 1828 definition and continued on to the second meaning…

2. Design; purpose; the fixed direction of the mind to a particular object.

“That sounds a lot like a Goal”, I thought. Bet you can guess what I did next…I directed my study to the difference between Intention and Goal.

Again, I found that they are each a separate piece to the puzzle. A Goal is a target that one aims to reach or accomplish. It is specific, measureable, action-oriented, realistic, trackable and has an end.

An example of a Goal:

Goal – Paint master bedroom walls light blue by August 12, 2014

  • Step 1 – Pick out and Buy
  • Paint color
  • Necessary Supplies
  • Brushes, rollers, tape, plastic cover…
  • Step 2 – Prep Room
  • Remove picture(s) and/or mirror(s)
  • Move furniture
  • Move furniture
  • Step 3 – Prep Walls
  • Tape around windows, trim and fixtures
  • Patch holes and cracks
  • Step 4 – Paint Walls
  • Step 5 – Organize Room
  • Replace picture(s) and/or mirror(s)
  • Put furniture back

An Intention, however, is NOT something that you plan out and track. You Intend the result and surrender the process to God.

"Setting an intention ‘primes’ our nervous system to be on the lookout for whatever will support what we intend to create for ourselves… When we pay attention to the intention to bring more happiness into our lives, we are more likely to notice the actions, opportunities, people, and things that can bring that about for us."

James Baraz - Awakening Joy

An example of an Intention:

When I was in college, I wrote down a list of 50 things I wanted to experience during my life, a bucket list if you will. I shared it with my professor and a few of my family members and friends. I did not map out how and when I would do each one, but I did have a reason why I wanted each one. I also visualized myself doing each one to the point where I felt that I had already experienced it and believed that they would all become reality at some point in my existence. I then moved forward with my life allowing opportunities to open up for me to manifest what my heart desired and I acted on them.

“You cannot change anything in your life with intention alone, which can become a watered-down, occasional hope that you’ll get to tomorrow. Intention without action is useless.”

Caroline Myss

Sometimes the action steps that are presented seem random and disorganized, but continue to believe and it will eventually all make sense. When I look back on my life, I see that it was beautifully orchestrated.

Allow me to piece together the puzzle for you. There are six pieces to the puzzle…

Piece 1 – Set an Intention*

Decide, using your intuition, what it is that you really want. Not what you think you should want, but what YOUR heart desires and longs for.

Piece 2 – Define your Why*

Reason you want Intention. Ask yourself “why” until it feels right.

Piece 3 – Define your Faith*

The power that moves you to action in whatever is presented to you from God through your momentums of your Goal. Believe that it will happen. Trust that God will provide a way.

Piece 4 – Define your Act*

Take one step. Set a small Goal towards what you want.

Piece 5 – Define your Affirmation*

A statement that will influence your subconscious mind to energetically attract what you desire.

Piece 6 – Define your Visualize*

Imagine you achieving what you want using all 5 senses. What does your intention look, smell, taste, sound and feel like?

*Can intertwine with other pieces.

Here are some Examples to illustrate the above:

Let’s start with the Goal example I mentioned earlier –

I want my bedroom to be my sanctuary. A place I can be comfortable and relax at the end of the day. So my Intention could be “I want to feel and be at peace”. Painting my bedroom is just one step in accomplishing peace.

So it would go like this:

Intention – To feel and be at peace

Why – Because peace is the closest thing to heaven – my “real home”

Faith – Believe that being at peace is possible for me

Action/Goal – Paint my master bedroom walls light blue by August 12, 2014

Affirmation – “My environment is peaceful and serene.”

Visualization – I see me curling up with my soft and comfy blanket as I rest calmly on my bed; I can hear my favorite piano music playing softly in the background; the smell of my air freshener fills the room and reminds me of the sweet taste of fresh strawberries. All of which helps me sink further into feeling complete peace and relaxation.

Another Example:

Intention – To be free

Why – Because I want to go, buy, do and be wherever, whatever, whenever, however and whomever, to be free to be me with no limitations.

Faith – Allow God to guide me to freedom.

Action/Goal – My Goal is to have a log home in Montana by the spring of 2020 and an action step I can take right now is setting $200 aside every month.

Affirmation – “Every day I am getting closer to total freedom.”

Visualization – Because the weather is chilly, I curl up in my husband’s arms next to the crackling fire and enjoy a nice hot cup of cocoa with miniature marshmallows, yummy. All of the animals (horses, goats and chickens) and land (5 acres filled with forest secluding us from the busy life of town) have been cared for, so it is time to unwind and savor my life. Just the week prior, my family and I traveled abroad to Ireland and next week I am taking a trip with my girlfriends to New York City to shop until we drop. But for now, I am home, the place my husband and I designed and helped build. I am free to just lay here and enjoy my life or I can dive into my spiritual studies or spend time on the phone with my clients – It is my choice.

One more Example:

Intention – To be spiritually in tune with God

Why – To hear God speak to me and increase my Faith

Faith – I believe there is a God and that He speaks to His children

Action/Goal – Pray and meditate daily to open the gateway to the spiritual to allow a deeper level of connection with God.

Affirmation – “All my thoughts, words and actions are divinely guided.”

Visualization – I start my day, everyday in deep meditation and connection with God. I express to Him all of my intentions and hand them over to Him and ask Him to guide me. As I do so, I am open to receiving personal revelation for what God would have me do. Throughout the day, I can feel the presence of God and hear Him whisper encouraging words. I see God in all things. He is in the highest mountain, in the smell of freshly baked bread and in the taste of a ripe tomato right off the vine with a pinch of salt. God is good and He loves me and blesses me in the little things I enjoy on this earth.

An Intention can be

  • A Question you want answered
  • An Experience you want to encounter
  • Gaining an Understanding during a hardship

I have all of my clients set an intention on each call and at each retreat. This is the kind of intention that I am asking them to set. I want them to have an intention that they want to reach at the end of the call/retreat.

Some intentions that my clients have set were…

  • “My intention is to find out why my kids drive me crazy all the time.”
  • She met her intention.  During the call, something was said that sparked her mind to come up with a plan to bring order to her home.  She received her answer through divine inspiration.
  • “My computer stopped working, so my intention during this retreat is to not stress about it and allow God to direct me to what I need to do when the time is right.”
  • She met her intention when she was visiting with another woman at the retreat that informed her that she was a computer genius and would be willing to fix her computer.
  • “My intention for this call is to understand how I can be calm during my busy schedule this next week.”
  • She met her intention because she learned about adding meditation to her morning, which powers you up to get more done in your day.

The reason I ask them to do this is because I want their brains to have something to focus on, which opens their minds to new possibilities. Also, setting an intention, opens up the spiritual connection pathway, so my clients can receive their own revelation pertaining to what they are experiencing in their lives.

Are YOU ready to piece together and personalize YOUR Intention puzzle?

In the courses I teach, I go into great detail about each piece. I break them down and teach you, so you can experience the power of setting Intentions

I invite you to join me and learn how you can…

  • Be Clear on what you truly want and Manifest it every single time,
  • Gain a deep lasting Connection with God and yourself AND
  • Live your life full of Confidence and Freedom

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