All roller coasters have ups and downs and a few have steep drops. If they were only straightforward moving, we would be completely bored. Without the trials of life, we would never feel accomplishment. Every toddler is confronted with the challenges of learning how to talk and walk. To the toddler, those skills were no easy task. Every one of them nosedives at least once the first time they try. When they got it, there was no mistaking their sense of success. 

As we get older, we are faced with challenges in relationships, work, and health. None of these are easy, but every steep drop on our roller coaster of life serves a purpose. Without the drops we would not have enough momentum to get us up to the next high peak. We can learn from every slip up we make and find strength to conquer the next test. 

When you are faced with the next test, what should you do? Take what you have learned from your past experiences and find a way to turn obstacles into opportunities. Most obstacles aren’t nearly as bad as they initially appear to be. Pay more attention to your wins and accomplishments – be positive. Don’t get stuck thinking about the obstacles itself, but how you made it through. Listen to other people’s comments about your life. They highlight your successes rather than your failures. You already have proof from your past that you can undertake hard things. Move forward with determination and enjoy the ride of life…the ups, downs, steep drops and high peaks. 

August 6, 2012