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I could relate to her

I have known Telsie for about 10 years and have known her to be a very kind and loving person. She is a positive person and always smiling. When I found out she was not always this way, I could relate to her pain and challenges of dealing with depression, as I also have had to deal with this issue in my life. When Telsie informed me she was now a Life Coach and offered classes, it was right when I needed help and support in my own life.  Just a few months prior, my husband of 20 years walked out and I was left struggling in many areas of my life. Her class and life coaching experience was exactly what I needed to get me refocused, out of debt, and to continue on my life journey in a positive and meaningful way. Thanks to her coaching skills, I am now thriving, not just surviving. Thanks Telsie from the bottom of my heart! 

Rachel R.

This was huge for me.

I was referred to Crowning Jewels by my sister who was in the Amethyst Group before me. She would tell me what she was learning and experiences she was having in her class all throughout her journey. I was very interested and knew it was something I wanted for myself. I had been seeing counselors off and on and had come to the conclusion that I needed something different. So I knew right away that I had found what I was searching for. It seemed to just fall in my lap, which I now know is because I was open to it and had set that intention-things that I later learned in Telsie's class. My sister had also done the same thing. 

After just talking to Telsie on the phone, I was drawn to her. She is confident without being boastful or cocky. She radiates truth, light, and as well as being an outwardly beautiful person, she holds an inner beauty that only comes from being truly happy deep within. She is full of love, and is generous when it comes to sharing her knowledge with others. That is why she has chosen to do what she does. 

The Amethyst Group made such a positive impact on my life and I am so grateful I found it and got to be a part of it. Getting to know the other women in the group was fun, and it helped to go through the classes with others rather than alone. I got to know the other women and Telsie well and looked forward to our time together.

Telsie taught me so much, first and foremost-that we all have the power to choose our circumstances simply by the desires we have, the words we speak, and the things we choose to do each day.

I learned the power of words and now practice positive affirmations regularly and watch my words all the time. I continue to work to eliminate sarcasm, negative thoughts, and talk towards myself as well as others.

I learned that our attitude towards life is something we choose and control-and it can completely make or break a situation depending on what we choose. It will affect our lives greatly. 

With Telsie as my mentor, I gained the knowledge that even in hard times, or poor circumstances, we can have a grateful attitude, choose how we react, and remain positive. This was huge for me. 

As I was going through the course, I was simultaneously experiencing difficult challenges. Things that would've previously pushed me into a depression. I know that because of the tools I was given, I was able to handle the situations in a completely different manner than I ever would have. Although the situations were still very stressful and saddened me greatly, I didn't allow it to rule my life and bring me down. I went on enjoying my life and got through it after time, and in a positive way. 

I would strongly recommend Telsie Graziano, and her courses!! Anyone who is looking to enjoy life more, reduce stress and manage it better, have a more positive outlook on life, improve your relationships and circumstances, or learn to love and honor yourself, will benefit from her classes! I thought multiple times throughout my class that really ANYONE could benefit from them!

Megan E.

"I have my goofy wife back."

Before I took Telsie's class I knew I needed help being me and being happy again. It wasn't until I started to feel happy again that I realized how unhappy I was. After a while of living a monotone or depressed life you forget how good happy actually feels until you feel it again. It's more euphoric than you remember. After a while, here and there, my family would comment on how they were seeing me be me again. In my husband’s words, "I have my goofy wife back." I hadn't realized I wasn't being goofy. Sometimes we don't realize what part of us is missing until we see it come back. I'm not only happy to be able to enjoy being goofy again, but I'm happy to be okay with being a woman that acts goofy once in a while. It keeps me laughing. I love laughing. In Telsie's class I learned to invest in myself. I had never thought of it that way before. As a loyal person, a mother, wife, daughter, sister, and friend I invest in people all day everyday. I've always loved investing in relationships and giving needed support. It wasn't until I learned the idea of "investing in yourself" that I started to begin to do the things I enjoy again. After learning to invest in myself and many other tools that Telsie has taught me I can honestly say that I am a better wife and mother, but I am more proud to say that I am a better daughter to my Father in Heaven. We have grown close on this journey and Telsie's class gave me the space to hear Him over and over. She pushed me to seek out answers and to ask the right questions. I know I was lead to Telsie's class. If you feel that you should be doing this program; do it! Somebody is looking out for you and it will be well worth your investment, in time and in money. You will be better for it and further along in your goals and aspirations because of it. 

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