January 19

Visit to the Beach

We are here in sunny California visiting my in-laws.  I decided to take Alezaundra and Lorenzo to the beach today.  I wanted to take them to a secluded area of the beach, so it could be just us. We found a big opening that was perfect.  The tide was down enough that there was plenty of space for us to run around and play.

 There was even a little water hole with warm water that we pretended was our ‘Jacuzzi’ and air pockets in the sand that we pretended were ‘quick sand’.

I had such a great time.  I really played and played hard.  I ran around, flapped my arms, screamed, and got all sandy, muddy and wet from head to toe.  It was, hands down, the best time I have had at the beach.  I usually spend my time at the beach lying on my towel, dipping my feet into the water and watching my kids play.  My beach experiences will definitely be different from now on.

When we were all done playing, I suggested that we sit down and dry off a bit before going back to the van. I then had the thought that we could meditate while we waited. During our meditations at home we like to listen to the sound of the ocean, so hearing it live would be even better. We sat together crossed legged, closed our eyes and concentrated on the sound of the ocean waves. After relaxing a while, I asked the kids what they were experiencing. Alezaundra said that she was thinking that the warm sun was like Jesus, the Son of God and it reminded her of the saying hanging in the bathroom, “As the sunflower seeks and follows the sun, so shall I seek and follow the Son”.

Lorenzo said that he was thinking that the water was also like Jesus, the Living Waters and when he felt the water touch him it was like Jesus was sharing His love with him. I was overcome with their wisdom and knew that the pathway to their spiritual self was open and that they were feeling a connection with God.

The longer we sat there and talked the higher the tide became. It became so high that we actually had to get up and move because the waves were splashing us in the face filling our mouths with salt water and pushing us over. Alezaundra said, “Jesus sure does love us a lot!”

I will always remember our beautiful day at the beach where we connected with each other and with God, together.


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