I truly enjoy scrapbooking, but I cannot find the time to squeeze it in to my busy schedule.  I don’t want to wait until all my kids are grown and out of the house to work on it.  How do I do everything on my “To Do” list and find the time for what I want to do?


You need a scheduling change.  The first step is to identify exactly how much time you are spending that is taking time that could otherwise be spent scrapbooking.  Prioritize and learn the art of saying “no” to other activities and commitments.  Take a look at your schedule for tomorrow and find those items that you can eliminate or change to give you some time for scrapbooking.  Then do the same for next week and then the next and so on.

We all have the same time in a day.  It is how we schedule that time that makes the difference.  Are you willing to give up one or two things that you feel you “have” to do, so you can do the things that you “want” to do?  Are you willing to go to bed later and/or wake up earlier to get other things done and make room in the day for what you are more passionate about?  Find the time…make the time for what is important to you…that is the way to peace.  Don’t let what you love be put on the shelf for later

August 20, 2012