*"Life is like a football game and you play it everyday.

It isn't just the breaks you get, but mainly how you play.

Stop and look the whole team over you've got some pretty strong women.

If you all work together there's no goal you cannot defend.

Your fullback's name is "Courage". You need her in this game.

With "Truth" and "Faith" your halfbacks there'll be many yards to gain.

Your quarterback is very fast, though small and hard to see,

so watch, when she gets the ball, she's "Opportunity".

At right end there's "Spirituality". She's stood the test of time.

left end there is "Sisterhood", she's always in there trying.

Your right tackle is "Ambition" - don't ever let her shirk.

Left tackle is a solid girl, you'll find her name is "Work".

Your left guard's name is "Humor", she's important to the team.

While "Honor" is playing right guard, your game is always clean.

If "Love" plays the center spot and does her very best,

then you'll have a winning team and really know success.

The other team is strong, "Greed", "Envy", "Hate", "Defeat"

are four strong backs you'll have to buck to make your game complete.

"Discouragement" and "Falsehood" are the big girls on the end.

have to tackle hard when you meet up with these big women.

"Selfishness" and "Jealousy" - you'll find them playing guards.

While "Carelessness" and a girl called "Waste" are tackles you cannot disregard.

There's one more you'll have to watch all through the game, my dear.

She's playing center for this team, I'm told her name is "Fear".

This game will not be easy, there'll be struggle, there'll be strife

to make the winning touchdown, for it's played in the bowl of life.

So stand behind your team, my dear, there'll be many who'll applaud.

remember, you're the captain, and the referee is GOD." --Unknown**

We all have a great team and together we can win the game of life.

We all are worthy, smart, fearless, great, courageous, determined, faithful and deserving women.

This list is who we are and so much more. This knowledge carries a confidence that cannot be duplicated any other way.

As we come to understand this, we will feel secure and will want peace and joy for everyone and will cheer each other on rather than compete with each other.

Let us help each other remember who we really are and win the game.

*I received this poem a long time ago and, unfortunately, it does not show the author.

**I added girl, women, sisterhood where the original read son, man, brotherhood

July 7, 2014